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    A designer, a geek and an ad man walk into a bar…

    (it’s been 10 years since that)

    Who we are

    your creative department

    We are publicists

    Our experience is in the multiple areas needed to execute the developments, for that our experience goes beyond the 10 years. But at the core is our training as publicists.
    It combines: statistics, psychology, art, sociology and semiotics to persuade who needs your product to buy it from you and no one else.

    We are practical.

    Our goal is not covering you in paper or making you spend money in unnecessary media, that’s the production aim. Ours is not to swindle you with the reinvention of the wheel either, that’s the engineering MO.

    Our real objective is that you sell everything you can offer with the most profitable production investment possible.

    Our clients

    Through this decade


    Learn more about our history.

    The next work items show a brief review of our history through our internal developments.

    and about WFGH

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