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    Logo evolution design: Updating or refreshing your brand.

    Logo evolution is about updating its design to modernize elements like colors, fonts, and symbols without losing the original identity.

    Without discarding or adding core elements, or creating the whole logo from scratch.

    Logo evolution elemental icon

    What is a logo evolution design?

    Evolving a logo is a not-so-extreme makeover to make it “sync” with recent graphic, typographic and aesthetic trends.

    This is to avoid re-doing the logo from scratch and losing all your positioning work.

    The evolution is more concerned with the semiological factors of the logo and how to update them without losing their identity as a whole. We are creating a new, unified identity set.

    How to know if my brand or logo needs an evolution?

    For the people in constant relationship with the logo it gets hard to notice how it may be getting stale. Even a poorly designed logo becomes “part of the landscape” across the time. Look up for a phenomenon called “Ad blindness” .

    Sometimes it’s the competition who give us the clue that our logo is showing its age. But if you want to act proactively the best solution is to ask the opinion of a third party or a professional.

    Volkswagen logo evolution

    Volkswagen logo evolution

    Not only for big corps.

    The most famous examples of logo evolution are in general attributed to big corporations and multinationals. This is due to the huge budgets that allow mayor exposition and coordination in the project.

    This may have led you to think that a logo or branding evolution is only reserved for big names. Maybe that its costs are out of the reach for the average or small company? luckily this is not the case.

    Any small or medium company can invest in a logo evolution as part of the due investments required to maintain and add value to the branding capital.

    Having a consolidated and fresh image in the early stages of a company helps to save money on design services and production. That is why usually brand evolutions sync with other print or digital developments.

    Fashioning a brand new corporate image, for less or the same cost as to simply print the same designs of old, is possible when we are talking about the scale of small and medium size businesses.

    Situations in which you should consider a brand or logo evolution design.

    • Changes in management, market or focus.
    • Current promotion is ineffective
    • Weakness in the brand positioning
    • Changes in your market segment or category.
    • Your image is too alike to your competitor’s in general.
    • The logo is or uses copies of designs already existent or registered
    • Change or addition of younger target markets.
    • Plain antiquity.

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