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    Creating the blueprints of your brand with a logo tracing or digital redraw

    The advantages of having the source files of your branding are enormous in regards of the time and production savings in the long run.

    Cost can never be a valid excuse for an unprofessional corporate image. And the good news is that this is a quick and inexpensive development that improves on that.

    The eternal 1st question: Do you have your logo source files?

    Is the first question we ever have to bring when approaching any kind of development. And the answer most of the time is “of course” followed by an email with a medium sized PNG at best or more likely a blurry-tiny JPG.

    This is usually followed by another email explaining how what they sent me is actually a photo of the logo, perfectly usable for the most basic needs but not of much help for any professional design work.

    The source files or Arts of your logo are the blue prints of your brand, they preserve the original design details and colors with 100% fidelity. Even if you stretch your logo to cover a football field.

    Think on them like the plans of your home, you are not bringing only a photo of your house when you are consulting an architectural job, the architect will ask you for the plans. In the same vein, most designers will ask for your source files.

    This is about technical issues

    In the not so distant past the source files were critical for any kind of print job, and more than indispensable on large format printing.
    And that is still true, but now with the ever increasing resolutions and pixel densities on screens, we need big size and high resolution images of your logo for screens too.

    It is always important to remember the purpose of the logo and branding in general: to unify a set of elements (graphic, semiological, typographic and chromatic) to compose with them a single element.

    This unified element (your logo) must be reproduced in a wide variety of media and technologies, some dating centuries ago some as new as 5 years old, and the logo must look exactly the same in all of them, ever.

    If you don’t have your logo source files each designer will have to redraw the logo and accessory designs when needed, at your expense.

    It hurts the uniformity of all your communications because you are under multiple interpretations of how your brand should be portrayed.

    What’s is the logo redrawing and who needs it?

    This quick and inexpensive task is for any company or entrepreneur that already has a logo but does not have the source files and want to standardize its corporate image.

    The process is to rebuild every single element of the logo tracing them over the original low-resolution design with a desktop publishing tool.

    Respecting all elements and layouts up to the detail that the original file provided allows. Color is trickier if it includes shades or gradients and the reformulation of ink colors (CMYK).

    Finishing a design, you can create the standardized logo specification with variations, colors, fonts and all the single components detailed for future reference.

    You’ll get the source files in multiple industry-standard formats. And of course high resolution “photos” of your logo in JPG and PNG for everyday use.

    What are the real benefits of having my logo source files?

    Unity and accountability

    You provide your files at the time of ordering any design job and you can control the finished product. Compare with past developments identifying errors and deviations in the image continuum. There’s no excuse for color mismatches or reinventing layouts.


    Maybe you will never see it specified in the final bill, but when someone has to redraw your logo they will bill you for that. It is taking them time from creating awesome designs in order to reinvent your wheel.

    Do It Yourself

    With the high resolution PNG images of the logo you gain independence. Being able use them in productivity software, social networks and any internal or corporate communication.


    Any designer or creative professional will take you in high regard and be aware of your commitment to your promotional efforts. The designers will know that your project is not an afterthought and that they`ll have to “deliver”.

    In general, you will be in a position to ask more attention to detail and finish quality to your creative or production company. And any error is not going to be money out of your pocket.

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