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    eBook and iBook design for your professional, corporate or artistic project.

    eBook and iBook design is about checking a lot of lists to satisfy the always changing requirements and tools of Kindle and iBook store

    This is the part where you turn text, photos, charts, and even multimedia into a digital file supported by digital publishers.

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    Why self-publish?

    Mainstream publishers usually reject works due to the expected market being too small. For them, the content does not adhere to certain parameters that would make it thrive in the market.

    Or you might want to preserve your editorial freedom. Or publish with no direct commercial intent. There’s plenty of reasons to go the self-publishing route.

    Self-publishing opens a brave new world where the most unusual or niche books have the same chance to reach those that might read them. Even if it is a vanity work.

    You can write a short book on your specialized technical field. Corporate memories, photography books, your fan-fiction, etc. The sky is the limit when you have creative freedom.

    The conventional editorial industry

    The publishing house of old used to be the sole source of that magic that could turn hundreds of hours of work into a book.

    This magic is a long process that takes resources, time, a chain of professionals and a pinch of red-tape. That is why publishing houses only go for books they think that it will bring the investment back.

    You’ll have some form of marketing support and the experience of the house in distribution matters. And You’ll only be getting a small cut of the sales because there’s more parties involved.

    If you are in it for the money self-publishing might be a very good gamble. If you are certain that your content can be a mainstream success (e.g. Hire a proofreader, do an informal focus group) then you can trim the fat of the publishing house and earn up to 70% of the digital sales depending in the channels and exclusivity.

    You’ll also have to think in your own marketing and for that social networks have you covered even if you want to invest in more conventional promotion like ads.

    Good design deals with device compatibility too.

    digital ebook reader interface

    The self-publishing way

    Thanks to the new paradigm the writers have finally freed from the big publishing house filters. Unfair from the creative point of view but justified from the commercial one. Being their own publishers they have the opportunity to show mainstream publishing that their content is commercially viable and have a leg up in any future negotiation.

    And not everybody wants to do it with a commercial intent, sure, if your book becomes a best seller you’ll be riding the gravy train probably for the rest of your life.

    But some writers want to see their work published and available for free, for the sakes of sharing or because they know there’s only so many people that might want to read “Crocheting adventures with hyperbolic planes”.

    Creating a digital book in itself is not complicated (it’s HTML anyway) and there is software for it. And like anything else in design lately: doing it is easy, doing it properly takes a little bit more of work and experience, due to the new paradigms of the new media.

    Publishing being so easy means that there’s more books released than ever, and that’s why we mentioned the self-promotion bit above, you’ll need that so budget for it.

    If you have written it, or are in the process of doing it, you just need someone to take that word document and design it in an eBook and/or iBook format.

    Then you’ll need advise into understanding the variables and options for each marketplace: authoring models, copyright, ISBN, coverage, exclusivity and price strategy if needed.

    Sounds scary and it used to be in the old publishing house reign, but not anymore, and the good news is that you’ll get to have a say in the publishing process and have more control over your work.

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