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    Professional native translation English «» Spanish for documental or promotional pieces.

    Automatic translation is a technology that is almost there. But your commercial communications can’t take the chance of an error. And when you need to preserve the communication tone from one language to another, what you need is an interpreter translator.

    Everything bundled.

    The benefits are clear: integrate a professional native translation service English «» Spanish with the process of graphic and web design. Everything under a single budget and a single chronogram that gives you a unique product.

    Translate vs. Interpret.

    Interpretation goes beyond replacing words and moving them around. Each text requires special attention to know what’s literal and what’s a play of words, or a simple reference to popular culture. Those are not universal most of the time they break hilariously on automated or non-native translations.

    Use cases

    So that nothing limits importers and exporters to bring products connecting 2 or more markets in a natural way.


    Create all the translated documentation for print and/or digital promotional elements along with the productions tasks for the source language material. Save time and money doing it all at once.


    The service allows you to request research for a particular area of knowledge and relevant for your business. Looking up first-hand the information in the native language and delivering a literal translation or summary.

    Multiple formats of source and destination

    Our translation services are FWD, we receive the origin material in any format and we deliver it in any other. It does not matter if its digital of physical or in which order you prefer them.

    • Digital open text

      Refers to a plain text file in an open digital format like RDF, TXT o XHTML, etc.

    • Digital proprietary text

      Plain text preformatted in a proprietary file type like DOC, PPT, WPF, PDF, etc.

    • CAD files

      Files generated by specialized for graphic, engineering, industrial or DP software like EPS, AI, SVG, CDR, etc.

    • Physical printed text

      Translation of content only available in physical printed or scanned media.

    • Audio / Video

      Be it for creating the transcription for audiovisual contents or to create the subtitling implementation for such media.

    • Digital open text

      Delivering the translation in a plain text forma for full flexibility.

    • Cloning

      The complete translation and cloning of the original’s format and graphic properties, used by localization of promotional pieces.

    • Conversion

      Delivering the translation in a different media from the original source or pre-produced for any specific application or software.

    • Subtitling

      Creation of subtitle files for an audiovisual source, be it integrated in the media (muxed) or as an independent time-coded subtitle file like .SRT

    • Transcription

      Extracting the content from Audiovisual source and translate it into a textual form.

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