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    Web design and positioning consulting services.

    Is the creation of web presence that renders the objectives and branding of your company into useful tools for your current and potential customers. With a layout and technical level in accord to the most recent web design and positioning trends.

    Making “web pages” is easy.

    But building a web presence is a work that requires planning and a formulation based on Advertising Design. Our idea is to create websites that not only have outstanding design and accessibility. It’s also about making them a never-ending source of new customers. Making the most of a serious search engine positioning strategy, from the beginning.

    A website’s effectivity is only the natural consequence of being well done.

    Standard added values for all our websites.

    They come bundled because any web development without these components have little chance to compete in the current positioning dynamics.

    Factory Stock SEO

    The Search Engine Optimizations are a set of good practices that go along all the phases of web creation and they help the published information to be easily digested by the search engines. Which in turn improves your position in the results bringing more customers.

    SEO is not something external that you add like “toppings” once your site is finished: #AvoidTheSnakeOil

    Open and portable

    We use open source tools that adhere to standards allowing your information and contents to be universally portable and accessible. We avoid proprietary tools that limit you to the whims of a single provider or infrastructure.

    What we develop can be edited and extended by any other web developer anywhere in the world.

    Accessible and responsive

    Our web designs take into account the current share of mobile devices used to access all our sites (>50%). It let us decide how much focus the design should have for this devices.

    But we’re not thinking in phones and tablets only. We take into account smart TVs, media players, text to speak devices and screen readers for the population in situation of disability.

    Feedback and statistics

    We share, either by demand or periodically, statistical reports that gives you the big picture about your visitors. How many, preferred pages, geographic location, devices, activity, keywords etc.

    This help us to strengthen the weak points and to exploit the popular content.

    A website can be anything.

    ¿Why not make it a tidy and appealing website for an effective communication with your target market?

    • eShop (eCommerce)

      Publish a catalog of your products and services online. Accept orders, and optionally, online payments for a complete functionality.

    • Intranets

      Harness the power of web applications installed in the privacy of your local network of your office or plant.

    • Virtual office

      Access CRM tools for the managing of files that expedite the information flow in your company.

    • Opinion and support forums

      Build niche communities or offer spaces for the participation of your client base through a private forum.

    • Customer support chat

      Turn your website in the virtual reception of your company. Track and interact with your website visitors in real-time.

    • E-Learning LMS platforms (educational)

      Gives you tools for managing courses and instruction with either social or commercial focus.

    • Membership platforms

      Monetize exclusive contents to a controlled set of users or translate your Club’s business logic to the web.

    • Surveys and feedback

      Eases the reception and tabulation of the opinions of your employees, customers or members of your community.

    • Audio / Video streaming

      Share your audiovisual selection or creations with a private online radio or TV channel.

    • Web publishing: Magazine and News outlets

      Make the most of the commercial and social opportunities of the transition of mass prints to digital formats.

    • Private social networks

      Having a private social network for families, workgroups, companies and communities is easier than ever.

    • Commercial or artistic portfolios.

      Your creations deserve a better showroom. Without the limitations in design or privacy of the public social networks.

    • Academic or Thesis mini-sites

      For the collaborative creation and presentation of academic projects that save you lots of time.

    • Custom developments

      Any idea, never mind the experimental or unusual that it can be, we can bring it to the web. Regardless if your aims are commercial, social, or artistic.

    Specialized web design services

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    Creative pieces for print media

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    Web Addons

    Toppings for your website.

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    3rd party integration.

    Customer Assurance & Research

    Selfhosted media delivery.

    Additional quality content.

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