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    Planning and web design for independent or private social networks.

    Know the advantages and possibilities of having your own independent, alternative or private social network.

    Having your own small-scale version of Facebook or Twitter is not out of the possibilities of any organization that can make good use of it.

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    A web to hang around

    Truth is that social networks are nothing new and that the Facebook’s and Twitter popularity have a lot to do with the massification of internet.

    Maybe the leading spots are taken with the most universal solutions but that does not mean that the market is closed for good ideas.

    From the point of view as users, it is not weird to think that a social network is a type of web development exclusive for big corporations or at least for enterprises the IT industry.

    That it needs an immense upfront investment and what not. The truth is that for most private social networks this is not the case.

    When we say private or independent we imply a S.N. targeted to a niche audience: it can be your employees, your customers, a local or global community of professionals.

    In any case, we are not talking about millions of users, just the ones you care for. Think of it like a forum but with the advantages and information model of modern social networks.

    Creating a private social network works for the coordination or integration of your members using content management tools focused in: the content, connections and interactions of the user.

    Is not that different from any other web development that requires user management, you’ll have to bring your own community managers and moderators.

    There’s place for offering a place to your community

    Trendy word mashup of social referents

    Uses for independent or private social networks

    Some practical uses for a private social network.

    Corporate Social Network

    Have a S.N. exclusive for the employees of your company and even use it for coordinating traffic and tasks.

    Offer it as a replacement of the usual workplace time-sinks and enjoy the advantages of a tool that does the same as an intranet that’s more friendly and familiar in the user interface/experience. This help you save on the re-training expenses.

    Niche social networks

    Same as any company, any social movement can make use of a private social network.  Under their own control to decide what is shared, required or even who can join.

    Where mainstream social networks offer private groups and other tools to achieve this, some communities might have privacy requirements that your usual suspect can’t deliver.

    Communities focused on creative work might have other requirements about copyrights, or other sharing restrictions.

    Club and membership social networks

    If you have a club or any other kind of filter-access community based on membership you can transfer that business logic to a web context and offer added values to your subscribers.

    You can even integrate tools for managing reservations and any other service that your club offers, even online payments if you need them.

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