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    Your own independent news portal or magazine with web development for digital publishing.

    Big newspapers and magazines are migrating partially or totally to digital distribution methods due to the evident benefits.

    This opened the field for communities and market niches to explore their own channels for discussion, opinion and promotion of their views.

    Who doesn’t want to own a magazine or newspaper?

    The appeal of having a successful media channel is at the hearth of the most diverse organizations and private citizens. It has been a trademark of most business barons and activist organizations alike.

    The new entrepreneurs of the publishing industry have it easy not having to face with the issues of this change of paradigm. Massive capital depreciation comes to mind along lots of talent out of job.

    Where the 4th power have diluted across all ranges of content with all ranges of veracity. Decreasing the signal to noise ratio have the self-healing property of allowing to spot the best signals that otherwise would be lost in the mass media frenzy.

    Handling your own magazine or news site is easy

    Now, you can have the false impression that managing an online magazine or news site is a complex job. It may be lots of work depending on your scale, but hard or complex is not the first word that comes to mind. This is because of the technology that makes it possible.

    Content management systems are nothing new, and they are so flexible that most corporate sites are built on top of them. This site is built on top of WordPress which might or might not fit the bill for this kind of development, for example.

    Where CMSs really shine is allowing many people to manage huge amounts of information in different roles and with different access levels. You’ll need this to manage and share resources across a team.

    In a web development for digital publishing platform most of the tasks can automatized: from the task management to the presentation, from the indexing and integration with social networks to the SEO.

    This allows the project to focus in the hardest and time consuming part which is, actually, creating the content: writing, reviewing, and proofing.

    Bottom line is: you don’t need to have a computer science degree or be a geeky kind of person to get around and learn to use modern CMS tools. Their aim has always been making accessible the content creation for everyone.

    Web design is usually the “mobile-first” type

    Newspaper with digital versions

    The importance of SEO in digital publishing

    The Search Engine Optimization factors of this kind of development are very high in the list of priorities, for obvious reasons.

    Along with the planning of the infrastructure to support the grow avoiding proprietary technologies where you risk losing years of work when those tools can’t scale.

    All this requires planning to make the site gain traction without technical hiccups and with a solid SEO strategy from the beginning.

    This is organic to the platform and in sync with the monetization and editorial agenda.

    Being short on budget to start-up a news outlet should not be excuse to not make it future-prof. A properly monetized site gives more than enough to support its own growth IF you took the care to create something that can scale.

    This is to avoid having to migrate THE WHOLE thing from small-pond-CMS to hope-this-is-it-CMS when you see you have the chance to jump from being niche media to mainstream media.

    The people’s voice

    Web developments for digital publishing allow your readers to have tools for them to create and submit content for editorial review. It is in your hands to publish it or not.

    You never know what kind of talents frequent your site and it is always a nice touch to promote the participation of the readers.

    If your focus is on independent reporting and points of view, this is a must.

    Moderated discussion sections in your content pages allows your website to become a sort of hub for your niche. Then comes the direct monetization opportunities.

    It does not matter if you are doing it for-profit, or if you want to open a space for healthy discussion and reach the community. The 4th power has never been more accessible.

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