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  • Web Accessibility Course

    recursive development

    CAW Web Accessibility Course project

    This 2015 project is one of the most unconventional web developments we have ever delivered: A short time for development, very specific requirements and the advanced accessibility features made it an awesome experience. Please see the list of features this simple and rather “plain” web development brings.

    • Is not a website, it’s a course documentation.

      Style was last in the priorities, the design had to be easy to use and consult while not getting in the way of the accessibility features.

    • It needed to be portable

      No possibility to use any server side scripting, framework or template. You ought to be able to download it to your desktop and run it there.

    • Not only accessibility theory.

      The whole site code must be WTAG AAA and include examples of accessibility features, the source code itself should serve the students to learn about the subject.

    • Additional Accessibility Features

      The site includes extra accessibility features like color and font swapping which should not interfere with the base specification.

    • The company CEO is visually impaired, he’ll review your work directly.

      Because installing and testing in screen readers when you’re not visually impaired just does not cut it.

    • Advanced Menu

      Every content should be linked up to level 3 and all links should be accesible from a single menu, and the menu has to be 100% accessible too, obviously.

    • Full Keyboard Navigation

      Both content, controls and menu should be 100% accessible trough keyboard shortcuts with independent context for each group.