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    and laptops since 2007

    vintage v1 website design

    Our first web site (with commercial intent) was done in the first quarter of 2007. Handcoded in XHTML with GoLive –cringes– it was mostly an online brochure. While we had a solid basis of XML knowledge it was truly hard to convey the layouts we had in mind without table hacks and all the quirkiness of the web landscape in Internet Explorer 6 era. We dissed CMSs back then because it was clear we needed to first master the basis of web design.

    For our 2009’s v2 we wanted to show, we went all non conventional in the layout and used lots of  very subtle Flash mini apps here and there. Most of the time was spend creating advanced forms and all the sorcery required to make them work back then. The design and asymmetric layout is something we’ve never seen anywhere else, ever, and we have seen plenty of websites since we arrived to the web in 1998.

    OUr v2 website design
    v3 website screenshot

    v3 was launched in 2010 with a more conservative layout, notably features are the spiritual predecessor of our current quote simulator and a subsection for mobile visitors. The homepage, shown here, was an index for those independent sections with the “badge” motifs we’ve maintained until today.

    The migration to ingenero and the minimalist design was accompanied by the first use of a CMSs in 2011, by that time templating systems were rudimentary and tweaking them to achieve the layout and minimal and flat look was a good learning experience. To these days we hold this web design as one of our all time favorites.

    v4 website screenshot

    By 2013 we did a switch to a more unconventional full screen design, with heavy use of background photos and bold color contrasts. It was the first time we featured a portfolio and it was the main focus of the design so the rest of the content followed suit; it was also our first responsive design. Smartphone visitors were still a rarity in our target market (big desktop screens was 90%+) so we opted for a design that leveraged on that.

    The original v6 from 2014 was mix of 2 previous predecessors, minimal and photography with full width layout but centered. The idea was to have several layout options for a content heavy site. It was also the first website that had a dedicated English section, that site wasn’t fully bilingual but more of compilation of the whole Spanish site’s points in a landing page layout.

    v6 website design cap

    See how these designs matched our other developments in our business cards history.