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  • My business card’s history

    and stories of chance.

    2006 saw the beginning of my freelancing gigs while still at the college and also working half time in a printing shop, there my boss told me that I had 10 minutes to pull something up to fill a free spot in a finished montage and I designed these right away.

    minimalistic business card's designer
    alternative business card's designer

    In 2007 we moved under the Asimétrica label, this design used the stencil style we developed for that brand. We were starting up so there was no fancy (or money) for each to have its own cards, knowing the printing business we have always strove to be a paperless business anyway.

    By 2008 I already had enough experience in the PC repair business so I tried to formalize it a bit and created this ones (including the logo) Another 1000 press that was delivered locally door to door, I still get calls from this one.

    independent worker bcard designer
    trendy young business cards designer

    On 2010 I decided to fuse Asimétrica + OTPC resulting in Asimétrica Labs. This is a very elaborate design with typography plays and vector art that was starting to trend back then.

    Then in 2014 I finally created the bcards for my current label, these have “everything and the kitchen sink” little did I know that I will end up owning this very domain, so, a new edition of business cards is due.

    dense bcard design

    Curious about my own brand evolution and related tales? I have a portfolio of that, check it out!