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  • My Brand’s History and Evolutions

    from the a to the io and related tales

    Gradient logotype design

    It all started in 2007 with the idea to create a design boutique with a shot of guerrilla marketing, “asimétrica” translates to “asymmetric” as in a philosophy of resourcefulness and doing the most with the less. Competing not with brute force but with raw talent, polyvalence and agility.

    As part of this brand and seeing that our focus has always been on a digital presence we’ve had a tradition of using a “mascot” a squareish minimal version of our identity, this is a simple Helvetica Black “a” cutoff ready for stencil. The background changed depending on context, see next.

    minimalist logo designer

    Logo stencil design

    Later on and still under the asimétrica umbrella we created a derivation of our main logo to follow the style of our mascot, we used several bitmaps and illustrations to give context to an otherwise cryptic design. Both the main logo and this stencil were used alternatively from 2007 to 2009.

    By 2009 with my marketing partner gone I decided to fuse my IT experience with my advertising work and so Asimétrica Labs was born. The mix of both worlds set the focus even more into the digital media being web design the perfect expression of both. This was a transitional development, I soon realized that a new brand was needed.

    compound logo designer
    bold logo creation

    And so, in 2011 we finally did the jump and created ingenero, that’s a Latin work meaning, roughly, “in the action of creating” it played with the current meaning of ingeniero (engineer) and yes, it also was intended to provoke a “double take” it was a risky proposition but ensured that the name and association was remembered.

    Our minimal version was the simple square-bracketed “io” born from the [a] we used to tag our work under the previous identity. “io” also reads|sounds in Spanish like “Yo” (the pronoun I) being the first and last letters of the name also connoting the In-Out, and the binary nature of IT… it’s a pretty neat semiotic combo.

    minimal brand
    balanced golden ratio logo designer

    In 2014 we did a little update on the brand, mostly to add the context of “creativo” and to improve the symbol for legibility, our symbol is a symmetrical hexagon that represents the Carbon atom being the element that’s the building block of most of our modern life and our own existence.

    How did I applied these logos to my basic promotional communications? I have a portfolio of business cards, check it out!